Thursday, June 17, 2010

You get one, *maybe* two more tries before they're bringing out the big guns

Okay, baby. They're talking about going to IVF in August, so if you're up for doing this without starting your life in a petri dish, I strongly suggest you get ready for fertilization in the next week or so. Thursday at the earliest, through the weekend or next next week. There may be one more chance after that before things get serious. Please consider the benefits of a) having this current donor be your biological father and b) not putting your mommy through surgery and daily injections. Because we'll have to find another donor and I'll have to take time off of a new job if we do IVF. It's not a pretty picture, so here's my written request to please show up before that happens. I know your job isn't to be convenient, but just think about it this one time.
Thanks sweetie.

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