Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You're not even conceived yet and I'm already worried about you!

Fast worker, kid. I've been on a rollercoaster of hope/ hopelessness/ more hope the past 36 hours, on your behalf. Do you exist? Do you not? Was there enough motile sperm to make you? The doctor's office called and recommended we switch donors next time. No breaking the news gently that this time is a bust, just blunt facts and recommendations without an attempt (that I can understand) to explain what's going on. However, I'm still waiting and hoping. Why? Because your Daddy rocks. He called the office (well, lab) back and got more information from a more helpful, sympathetic person. And that person said you've still got a chance. Let's hope you've got some of the guinea stubbornness in you from me and Nana and fight for your existence and implant. You can do this. I know it seems like a long journey, but you can do it.

I love you so much.



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