Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Dear Flash,

You've been getting bigger. And moving more. I think I've felt your head (or your butt. Hard to tell.) You like music but don't like when I put my laptop or a book on my belly. The other day you gave me an extremely violent push when I was resting on my stomach.

Tomorrow we are going to see your first hurricane. We're living in an apartment on the university campus, and the university is taking care of a lot of things, like where to park the car so a tree won't fall on it and where we can live if we lose power for a long time. I really love storms, so I'm excited. I have plenty to knit and read, and your Daddy will be here too.

Medically, you're measuring a bit big, according to the midwife's tape measure. You'll be getting another ultrasound on Tuesday to check. I'm not too worried. Worst-case scenarios aren't that bad. And I'm glad I'll get to see you again. :)

Keep growing (but not too much or too fast!) and enjoy the hurricane!

Love you,