Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Break

Dear Alex, You and Daddy are visiting Oma & Granddad this week whiel Daddy's on spring break. I still have to work, so I'm sitting here home alone without either of you. What did I used to do with all this time?! I had a snow day today, so I cleaned up a bit and just sort of hung out. You've been talking up a storm lately. You've been working on lots of 'b' words - boots, book, bat, ball . . . in addition to your favorites like uh-oh, gato, up, down, mama (finally!), dada, Bubba. You're signing more too - in addition to 'more' 'milk' and 'all done' you can also do cheese, baby/doll, please, banana (often signed when Nana's trying to teach you to say her name!), water, eat, bed. You also try to say "Llama llama" but it comes out like 'blither blither" (picture just making gibberish noises with your lips) and is so funny! You LOVE being outside. Coming inside is seen as a major tragedy, unless you're hungry. You freely walk around campus like you own it, waving and saying "hi!" to everyone you meet. If they go by you without acknowledging you, you turn around and wave "bye!" You will throw a fit if we don't let you go where you want to go, like in the street. You haven't learned the word "safe" yet. Your family ADORES you. You don't often cry around them. They totally spoil you, and you take full advantage of it. I love you, little girl. And I miss you, even though I feel like I should be reveling in my freedom a bit more. (There's a snowstorm on, so it's not like I can go out anyway.) Have fun at Oma's with Daddy, and I'll see you this weekend. Lots of love, Mama