Sunday, June 27, 2010

A day trip without you

Your daddy and I went on a day trip yesterday. I missed having you there. Getting out there was uneventful, and kinda of boring. If you'd been there we would have talked to you about what we saw - the trees, the signs, the towns we passed. We'd have sung songs and looked for out of state license plates.

We probably would have had a clearer destination in mind so we wouldn't spend an hour driving around looking for the best place to park to get to the beach - or maybe that part would have been the same. We drove aimlessly, in a really good way, exploring a wildlife refuge on an island between the marsh and the ocean. We walked down natural paths and on boardwalk paths through the marsh and woods. We sat on a bench in a "bird blind" (bird viewing area) and watched storks and seagulls glide over the grasses and water. We raced back to the car and your dad let me win. We both would have let you win if you'd been with us, and read the signs in the bird blind to you.

We climbed an observation tower and had lunch. Daddy would have shown you the beaver dam we saw and how to tell if the water was at high, half, or low tide. Our walk on the marsh boardwalk would have been slower, and we would probably have read through the trail guide and talked to you about what plants and animals we saw. And I would have had to wash both you and Daddy down for having been touched by poison ivy back at the car!

We would have parked in the park ranger's parking space to go to the beach earlier than we did, and I might have gone into the water with you, or watched while you and Daddy played in the ocean and made sand castles. I would have held your hand as we walked over the rocks and helped you try to make a cairn or a shelter from driftwood. There wouldn't have been time for me to do logic puzzles or knit, but I would have had so much more fun playing with you than doing any of those things.

You may have gotten tired and fallen apart in the car as we drove around the shore area and looked at houses. We may have stopped and eaten earlier if you'd wanted to. We may have gotten out and looked at the carnival we came across if you'd wanted to. As it was, we ended up strolling through a picturesque seaside area as shops were closing up and having really great, cheap food and watching a baseball game on a huge TV. You would have loved it, if you'd still been awake.

And even during our moon viewing, which was very peaceful and romantic with just the two of us, I couldn't help wondering how the scene would look if you were there. Would you be asleep in one of our arms, or in a stroller? Sitting between us and helping us come up with ideas of what the moon looked like as the clouds slid past it? Hopping around and having us chase you away from the dangerous rock slope?

You and I would both have fallen asleep on the way home - or maybe not. Daddy usually needs the windows open so the cool air keeps him alert. Maybe I would have driven (with the windows closed) so you two could sleep. When we got home, we would have carried you in and tucked you in to bed before we unpacked the bag and cooler and gotten ready for bed ourselves. And this morning, you and I might have made breakfast for Daddy, or started our house cleaning chores, or watched cartoons until Daddy got up.

I miss you and really want to take day trips with you when you get here. The sooner the better. :)
Love you,

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