Thursday, March 24, 2011

Updates: All grandparents & aunts/uncles know, and the scare you gave us

Dear Flash,

Everyone in the close family knows about you now, and everyone's excited. The day after we told Daddy's parents we all took a trip to the Museum of Science in Boston and saw a planetarium show, and out to dinner at a sushi restaurant to celebrate Daddy's birthday. We told Aunt K about you in the car between the two places, and Uncle A with a text message of your first ultrasound picture. I've been very tired, and nauseous here and there, but I'm relieved that I'm finally having symptoms. They mean that you're doing okay and less likely to miscarry (especially the nausea).

Seeing you on the ultrasound a couple of days before these last few announcements was amazing. Daddy took video, and we got to take home a couple of pictures from the ultrasound machine. I texted the photo to all your relatives who already knew. :)

Last night, though, you gave us a HUGE scare. I started bleeding and passed a clot that I thought was you. (There was a lot of blood, and the clot was shaped and sized about the shape and size that you should be at this point). Daddy drove me down to the hospital, and they did another ultrasound to show us that you were still in there and your heart was still beating. We thought you'd miscarried. I was crying a lot, thinking that we'd lost you before we even got to meet you. Once I saw your heart beating again, I was more relieved.

I'm still feeling cramps, but I'm hoping they're nothing serious. It's hard to deal with since I can't take any painkillers that actually help, like ibuprofen, but I'd rather have them and you than be pain free without you.

Please don't scare us again. I mean, at least not until you're older and making your own choices about whether to scare Mommy and Daddy half to death.

I love you and can't wait to meet you,

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