Saturday, January 19, 2013

New words, new skills

Dear Alex, You've been having a pretty fun time as a little toddler. You've learned to go up and down stairs not only quickly but also upright - no more crawling up for you! You'll hold on to the wall and slide your hands up while taking steps up. You don't go too slowly either, which just amazes me. Motivation to learn something definitely accelerates your learning! Over Christmas you saw your cousin, aunt, & uncle again, and got along with your cousin reasonably well. She took it quite well when you stole the toys we was holding, but if she resisted, you got VERY shrill and angry, very fast. You worked together best when she pushed you on the scooter toy Oma got you. You also loved to take ornaments off the tree to play with! You have four teeth on top and two on the bottom now. You have been saying, or at least trying to say, a lot of the words we use with you a lot - all done, gentle, down (done?), dada, gato, woof. Every time you hear music, your face lights up and you begin to bop up and down. You favorites are the themes to Kindergarten and Gilmore Girls. You also like Elizabeth Mitchell and the Nields. Very often now you'll pick up a piece of cloth around (a blanket, piece or clothing, dishtowel, etc.) and walk around with it, waving it like a banner. Sometimes you'll have one in each hand and look so pleased with yourself and the world. You have a TON of energy. You're happy when you're full, rested, and not teething. Sleep still is not going great. Daddy has been much better than I have been in getting you to go to sleep, but you still don't sleep through the night and wake up around 4 times a night, wanting something to drink. (I don't blame you. It's dry and too hot in our bedroom, but a humidifier is a pain to hook up and get going night after night in the maze of mattresses that is the bedroom, and Daddy disagrees with me about the heat.) I've been really really busy with work, and I miss you like crazy when I'm away. I feel like I'm away a lot, doing work. I'd rather be with you, even if I'm exhausted. I've cut back on working out so we can be at home for more time, not with me chasing you around the gym. They love you there, but I don't consider it quality time for you and me. In response, you've become a Daddy's girl. So, I'm feeling guilty that I'm not spending enough time with you and worrying that you'll resent me working so much. Everyone in the family continues to be completely and totally enamored of you. Your Papi posts pictures of you on Facebook every Friday night when he gets home from spending the day with you. When I come to pick you up at daycare and you come running over with a huge, excited smile on your face, I know you haven't forgotten me, or gotten resentful that I'm away so much, and I smile back because I am so, so happy that we're together again. We have a few hours to be together until we have to go to bed. Even if, in those few hours, you throw tantrum after tantrum and exhaust me and resist bed like we're trying to kill you instead of help you get some rest, even if what I need more than anything in the world is a shower and a couple of minutes with free hands to get my shoes and coat off, I'm happy to be there with you. Because I'd rather have you crying at my feet because I put you down for three seconds than not there at all. After waiting so long and trying to hard to have you, you're finally here. We finally have you with us. And that's worth more than a few minutes of sleep any time. I love you so much! Love, Mummy

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