Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Breech baby, Breech baby

Dear Flash,

You are freaking out everyone but me. You've been breech (butt down, legs piked up near your face) for about 10 weeks now, with no sign of wanting to flip head-down. Everyone else is wanting me to be in body positions that have my head lower than my hips, go to acupuncture/moxibustion/chiropractics, turn everything in the apartment upside down, pray, and do all sorts of things to get you to turn NOW. In fact, if you haven't turned head-down by next Thursday, they're going to schedule a version, which is when the dr physically puts his hands on my belly and pushes hard to move you around so you're facing the right way. Not comfortable for me, and not comfortable for you. In fact, "not comfortable" is an understatement.

While everyone else is wanting me to do this stuff on a nearly constant basis, I would like to sleep and not obsess over your position. You seem pretty comfortable where you are. I figure that you'll move when you're ready. If you don't, though, they'll be scheduling a c-section, which we'd all like to avoid. Wouldn't you rather come out on your own time and your own terms instead of having a doctor yank you out by the butt through the hidden side exit? I mean, I wouldn't be traumatized by a (planned) c-section, but it sounds like everyone else in the family would be.

The other little bit of excitement was your first visit to the ER/ Childbirth Center today. I was in a car accident, and even though I felt okay, I needed to go get checked out to be sure that you were okay too. I was a little worried that you wanted to make an appearance early, but the midwife said that you look "awesome". Excellent. :)

The only other major stressor on my plate (aside from your grandparents on my side, but that's another story, and fairly chronic) is The Move. We're supposed to move to a different apartment next week, but the university hasn't given us a move date. So it may be the week after. Which is making me extremely nervous, as I'd like to be settled in before you arrive. All your clothes, diapers, and gear are still in boxes and bags, and the vast majority isn't even here yet - it's at the grandparents'. Hopefully we'll get word that we can move in on a certain day and I can feel more confident about packing and asking for help settling once we move.

I am so excited for you to get here! I keep picturing what life will be like when I can see your face and hug and kiss you and play with you.
Your Mom

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